HERO Tough Grey

HERO Tough Grey

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Tough mSLA 3D Printing Resin - All Order ship free within the continental U.S.A

Offering a wide range of use, including tabletop gaming and functional parts; HERO Resin features very low odor, fine detail, high weather ability and EXCELLENT Shock + Impact Resistance. 

Try HERO to create the highest quality, longest lasting printed models for Indoor and outdoor use.  

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 Download the Technical Data Sheet for HERO Resin

Link to recommended printer settings and post print procedures 

NOTE: the final products printed with U.V Resins are not intended or acceptable for direct food contact and are not safe to place in the mouth, even when properly dried and cured. Do not print products for any person or pet who may chew on or otherwise orally ingest the product.

Download Safety Data Sheet for the Color Line of HERO products, Including the Fast Cure Color base:  Here

Download Safety Data Sheet for the HERO Clear and HERO White products Here

Store & Usage:
1.Store in a cool DARK place between 18-28C - Keep container away from light exposure during storage to avoid light contamination. 
2. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage. 
3. Shake well before use.
4. After printing, please wash your print in alcohol with the content of above 90
5. Use at temperature 18-28C

Other Links:

CREDIT TO DESIGNER: The Minis we print are from Artisan Guild unless otherwise stated in the photo. Artisan Guild makes some amazing stuff, check them out here: https://www.patreon.com/ArtisanGuild

inov3d - 3rd party article review of the HERO resin here 

HERO Mini Maker (Build your own Characters): Video Here

CMYKW Pigment Set tutorial (Make your own Colors): Video Here

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