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We will continue to ship orders during the COVID19 shutdowns. Free bottle of resin with each printer purchase.
We will continue to ship orders during the COVID19 shutdowns. Free bottle of resin with each printer purchase.

Anti-HERO Resin - SLA Laser cure on Form 1 / 2


No VOC low odor 

Technical Data

The Anti-Hero line of SLA Resins was designed for general form printing. Anti-Hero Resin can be used on a wide range of SLA printers and was developed on the Form 2. Anti-Hero exhibits excellent durability, definition, Just enough flexibility and has a wide range of use.

Form 2 Must be In "Open Mode" - We recommend using the PreForm 'Grey' setting. 

The Anti-Hero line is designed to work under UV Laser, although the resin will cure under DLP projector and LEDS

For Miniature printing, we recommend the following settings: 

Miniature base standing on the platform. Angling may cause a loss in definition and/or increase the likelihood of damaging the piece in the post-print cleanup.

Layer Thickness: .05 mm (.025)

Support Density: 1.25 - 1.35

Touch-point Size: .25 -  .35

Note: the Preform software recommends larger touch-points, we have found that increasing the density of the supports and decreasing the touchpoint sizes makes cutting the supports away easier while also saving the most definition at the point of contact. For larger Prints, increase your touch-point size to the recommended setting. 

The primary color line can be blended together to create your own custom color creations. Utilize the Opaque White or Black to add opacity and depth to any color.  

Each bottle ships with single-use disposable funnels for easy and safe clean-up. 

See a test print on the FormLabs Form2 here:  

NOTE: the final products printed with the Hero and/or the Anti-hero line of U.V Resins are not intended or acceptable for direct food contact and are not safe to place in the mouth, even when properly dried and cured. Do not print products for any person or pet who may chew on or otherwise orally ingest the product.

Download Safety Data Sheet here

Store & Usage:
1.Store in cool dry places between 18-28C
2. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage. 
3. Shake well before use.
4. After printing, please wash your print in Isopropyl Alcohol
5. Use at temperature 18-28C