3D Pigment Set + HERO 3D Resin Color Base

3D Resin Solutions

This set ships with (1) 1000ml bottle of HERO Color Base for DLP/LCD 3D Printing

Download the Color Creator Worksheet and Check out the Pigment Set Tutorial 

Need a Gram Scale? Pick one up Here

The CMYK+White 2oz bottle pigment set is designed to allow for custom blending of 3D Colors. We utilize light stable pigments to allow for long-lasting, brilliant colors. Use White to create unique opaque colors for high detail miniatures, terrain, home décor, and much more.  

Our 3D pigments are dispersed in our custom blend U.V chemistry to allow for easy incorporation into any of our HERO base colors (HERO White – HERO Clear – HERO Fast Cure Color Base). We recommend utilizing our fast cure color base for optimum color load and printability.

Handle with care. These products should be handled with the same care as 3D Photopolymer. Always wear protective gloves and eye protection. Keep out of the reach of children.