Print Procedures


Shake well before each use. Do not return used resin into fresh material. For best results, use heavy supports with a full raft. Do not overload your build plate, the intensity of the LCD screen is weakest at the edges and strongest in the center. See Table A. for recommended exposure settings.

Post Print Processing  

SideKick Resin will be very soft and flexible before post curing. Soft materials absorb solvents more easily. We recommend post cleaning your print using HERO wash and/or clean, high purity IPA for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Ideally, use a small brush to remove access uncured resin from your print without prolonged soaking. Ultrasonic Cleaners with HERO WASH is recommended. See Table B for absorption rates. (Always wear safety glasses and protective gloves when handling 3D Printing Resin). 

Note* Over soaking your print or utilizing harsh solvents/cleaners can damage your print causing blemishes and cracks.

Post Curing

Completely dry your piece before post curing. The Shore A Hardness of Sidekick will more than double during post cure as the resin bonds together. Be sure all sides of your print receive equal light exposure to avoid unequal shrinkage on the overexposed side. Unequal cure can damage or dis-form your print. For best results, post cure your print for 30- 60 min @ 35-50 Degrees Celsius. If your cure unit does not have a controlled heating element, post cure your print for 60-120 minutes in 405nm light. When the material is properly post cured, All sides of your print should have equal color and your piece should be noticeably harder.

Note* If after post curing certain sections of your print still have a slight yellow/green hue, continue post curing those sections until the piece is a solid grey. 

Table A:

Shore A Hardness 98
UV Absorption 395,405nm
Exposure @ .05mm 8s
Bottom Exposure 80s
Shrinkage 3.3%


Table B: Percent weight gain before post curing "Green Solvent Resistance". 1x1x1 cm cubes printed with Table A settings on Creality LD-002R then immersed in respective solvent for 15 minutes:

 IPA 99%  0 - .82 %
Acetone 3.2 %
HERO Wash 0 - .82 %
Water .9 %