3DRS Resin Settings & Support

* Below is a list of printer based settings for our current resin offerings. Settings may be updated from time to time as improvements are made, new information comes to light and/or new resin printers and settings become available. We welcome additions and comments from our customers as we continually improve our products and services. 

Note* Chitubox profiles are available for download for plug and play functionality 


Offering a wide range of use, HERO Resin features very low odor, fine detail, high weather ability and EXCELLENT Shock + Impact Resistance. 

Our Flagship product. When we began Research and Development on 3D Printing Resin, our first goal was to create a strong, impact resistant yet mostly rigid product when fully cured. a product that could be used for both functional printing and hobbyists alike. HERO is that product. HERO handles tiny supports with fine detail as well as large and bulky prints without tearing or falling off the build plate. HERO utilizes a wide functioning photo-initiator package which allows HERO to print well on most all DLP / LCD 3D Printers. Use HERO with our UV pigments to easily create and replicate unique custom colors.

 Elegoo Mars 
Anycubic Photon 
Creality LD-002R
Phrozon Sonic Mini
Layer Height .05 .05 .05 .05
Bottom Layers 8 8 6 6
Exposure 13 13 12 5
Bottom Exposure Time 70 70 70 20
Light Off-Delay 0 0 0 7
Bottom Light-Off Delay 0 0 0 7
Bottom Lift Distance 5 5 5 6
Lift Distance 5 5 5 5
Bottom Lift Speed 65 65 65 100
Lifting Speed 65 65 65 100
Retracting Speed 150 150 150 150
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3DRS Standard resin is an easy to use, plug and play resin designed for high end, multi-purpose 3D printing while remaining price competitive. Standard is great for beginners and advanced printers alike. Easily utilize 3DRS Standard with pre-supported models or medium-Heavy auto-support features. 3DRS Standard is flexible while green, and becomes rigid and hard after post curing allowing 3DRS Standard resin to be easily and safely removed from the build plate to be post processed with ease. Once properly cured, 3DRS is rigid with above average impact resistance and nearly engineering grade tensile strength. Reliably Produce high detail prints for business or avocations.

 Elegoo Mars
Qidi S-Box
Creality LD-002R
Epax X10 (Mono)
Layer Height .05 .05 .05 .05
Bottom Layers 8 9 8 8
Exposure 10 13 8 2.75
Bottom Exposure Time 55 65 55 30
Light Off-Delay 1 0 0 0
Bottom Light-Off Delay 0 0 0 0
Bottom Lift Distance 7 12 5 7
Lift Distance 7 9 5 7
Bottom Lift Speed 65 75 65 65
Lifting Speed 65 65 65 65
Retracting Speed 150 65 150 150
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FAST+ is Speed without sacrificing durability

3DRS FAST+ was designed with the small business printer in mind. We worked closely with our 3D Printing business partners to develop a resin to suit the needs of a 3D printing farm. Low exposure time, non-brittle final products, sculpt like detail, and wide functionality.

Low Exposure Times + medium-high tensile strength + shatter resistant elongation + low viscosity fluidity = high quality printed material. 

*Large Supports recommended.

 Elegoo Mars 
Creality LD-002R
Mars 2 Pro (Mono)
Mars 2 Pro (Mono)
Layer Height .05 .05 .03 .05
Bottom Layers 8 8 5 5
Exposure 7 6 2 2.5
Bottom Exposure Time 50 40 30 30
Light Off-Delay 0 0 0 0
Bottom Light-Off Delay 0 0 0 0
Bottom Lift Distance 7 5 6 6
Lift Distance 7 5 6 6
Bottom Lift Speed 65 65 45 45
Lifting Speed 65 65 45 45
Retracting Speed 150 150 170 170
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Designed for prototyping, BLUEprint features excellent Tensile-strength, High Shore D Hardness, low Shrink, and excellent definition. BLUEprint is Hard, solvent resistant, General Engineering Resin for Production, Prototyping, and Functional 3D printing. Check out the product page to download the technical data sheet for BLUEprint


 Elegoo Mars 
Creality LD-002R
Layer Height .05 .05
Bottom Layers 8 6
Exposure 15 13
Bottom Exposure Time 70 70
Light Off-Delay 0 0
Bottom Light-Off Delay 0 0
Bottom Lift Distance 5 5
Lift Distance 5 5
Bottom Lift Speed 65 65
Lifting Speed 65 65
Retracting Speed 150 150



General Post-Print Procedures 

We recommend post cleaning your prints using HERO WASH or clean, high purity 99% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). For Best results, utilize Vortex mixers or Ultrasonic Cleaners to quickly remove access resin for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Avoid leaving prints to soak for extended periods. See Table A for general absorption rates. (Always wear safety glasses and protective gloves when handling 3D Printing Resin).

Completely dry your piece before post curing. Be sure all sides of your print receive equal light exposure to avoid unequal shrinkage on the overexposed side. Unequal cure can damage or dis-form your print. For best results, post cure your print for 15-30 minutes @35*C. If your cure unit does not have a controlled heating element, post cure your print until the surface tack is removed. When the material is properly post cured, All sides of your print should have equal color and your piece should be noticeably harder.

Table A: Percent weight gain before post curing "Green Solvent Resistance". 1x1x1 cm cubes printed with Table A settings on Creality LD-002R then immersed in respective solvent for 15 minutes:

IPA 99%  0 - .82 %
Acetone 3.2 %
HERO Wash 0 - .82 %


Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or comments you may have. If you have the perfect settings on a specific printer you would like us to add, we welcome your input.